Fitness Menu and Relaxation Treatments


Spin Classes

Start your morning or enjoy an afternoon energy pick up with our 45 minute Spin sessions. Certified instructors lead you through a high energy cardio workout. Enjoy great tunes, drills and caloric expenditure.
Private session: $55.00


Couples Spin session

Spin, weight train and stretch. A 30 minute cardio spin, 30 minute light endurance weight training session and a 15 min. stretch and relaxation. Enjoy a total body workout.
Private session: $55.00
Couples session:$95.00


Core Fusion

A combination of core strengthening , flexibility and balance exercises. Pilates mat exercises plus several yoga postures are incorporated into this 45 min. session.
Private session:$45.00
Couples: $85.00


Yoga (Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar)

Harmonize mind and body. Through various asanas (poses), improve concentration, strength and flexibility while improving posture, balance and releasing away all of life’s daily tensions.One hour.
Private session: $45.00
Couples session: $85.00


Couples Massage

A calming side by side massage, pre-breakfast awakening, afternoon refresher or an evening tranquility session. All treatments are available from 8am to 9pm in the privacy of your spacious bedroom suite. A variety of massages are available: Swedish, Aromatherapy, Sports, or your individual requests for target tension i.e backs, knees, necks, shoulders.
Per Couple one hour: $225.00
Individual Treatment Sessions per hour: $115.00


Massage with Aromatic Facial

Hot towels steaming with essential oils awaken your senses for a truly refreshing treatment. Herbal cleansing and exfoliation prepares the skin for a deep cleansing ,herbal eye pads followed by a toning mask and moisturizing finishing treatment. This relaxing treatment includes a soothing massage for the neck, shoulders, feet and hands.
Individual treatment: $185.00


Grapeseed Glow Massage

Enjoy the finest of mineral salts combined with the essence of passion fruit. This treatment promotes circulation and exfoliation, giving a natural glow. It concludes with a rich passion fruit body butter application. 70 minutes.
Individual Treatment: $165.00


***Note all fitness classes and relaxation treatments require advance reservations, 24 hour cancellation policy.

Our Fitness Classes are offered upon request and are fee based. We can also suggest great walking, running, cycling routes or a casual stroll through historic Napa. Our Sole’ Fitness Garden Room offers a great ambiance to any of our workouts.